Follow the Freight: I.CON Attendees Get a Close-Up View, From Cargo Ship to Cross-Dock Facility

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Release Date: July 2015
Freight Shipment

Some lucky 2015 I.CON attendees were treated to a “Follow the Freight” tour that gave them a first-hand look at how freight is unloaded from a vessel, put on a truck or a rail car and transported to intermodal distribution centers. Tour guides Brett Mascaro, business development manager for the Port of Long Beach, and James E. Klein, principal, Klein Commercial Real Estate Inc., took participants to portions of the port as well as a nearby cross-dock facility, where they saw how cargo is consolidated, deconsolidated or transloaded before continuing its journey along the supply chain.

Mascaro said that one of the most exciting developments for the port is the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement project. When the new bridge is opened in 2018, the 3,200-acre port will be able to handle the largest of the large cargo ships.

Michael Patalano, general manager of SSA Marine’s Terminal A in Long Beach, took tour attendees around Terminal A, where SSA processes about 9,000 containers a week, offloading them from ships onto trucks or rail cars to continue their journey. SSA operates three terminals at the port.