The Expansion of E-Commerce and Its Effect on Industrial Real Estate

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Event: I.con: The Industrial Conference 2013
Release Date: June 2013
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The rapidly expanding e-commerce sector has resulted in a shift in site selection and building requirements to meet the unique and specific needs of this industry. Traditional, brick-and-mortar retailers are expanding into the e-commerce market to meet consumer demands that are running at 17 percent growth year over year. This transition by the traditional retailers to support both storefront and e-commerce consumers has resulted in a few different models that will be discussed during this session.

Our panel includes a developer who has completed a large e-commerce fulfillment center and an expansion, an industry leader in fulfillment center equipment who will address some of the new building specs that are required, and a COO from a burgeoning e-fulfillment operation with an inside look at his facility. The session will also cover the current and future impact of e-commerce on geographical site requirements, along with the opportunities and challenges that the traditional retailers are facing as they modify their supply chains, stores and distribution network to support their customers in store and online purchases.

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  • Curtis Spencer, President, IMS Worldwide, Inc.


  • Kevin Rogus, Senior Vice President, Duke Realty 
  • Carlos Vega, Regional Director - West Coast Sales, Dematic