Apple "Spaceship" Campus Construction Underway, by Silicon Valley Business Journal

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Release Date: April 2014
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Construction employees looking at plans

The largest private construction ever undertaken in Silicon Valley — Apple’s new “spaceship” campus — is now underway, with completion scheduled for late 2016. Apple Toolbox recently published a series of aerial photographs showing that the almost 2.6 million square feet of older office buildings that formerly occupied the 176-acre site have been torn down. Most of the site’s surface parking lots and hardscape have been torn out as well. Demolition began last November, less than 24 hours after the city of Cupertino, Calif., granted final approval for the project.

A January 17 Silicon Valley Business Journal article by Natan Donato-Weinstein offers an in-depth look at the colossal Apple Campus 2 construction project, which is being built by five different general contractor teams. The main structure of the 2.8 million-square-foot, four-story circular building is expected to break new ground in construction and engineering. It will be made largely of precast concrete and will float on 700 seismic “base isolators,” 18,000-pound bearings that will enable it to move as much as four feet during an earthquake. Much of the now-barren site eventually will be transformed into rolling grasslands and apricot tree orchards.