Adaptive Reuse: Challenges, Opportunities and Benefits

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Release Date: January 2011
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The Power House Long Island

Developers of successful adaptive reuse projects have a knack for finding creative solutions to transform aging structures to new, fresh uses in an exciting way. But according to architect Brian Curtner, a founding partner of Quadrangle Architects Limited, those creative solutions are usually not a blinding flash of brilliance but instead depend on a careful analysis of the old buildings to fully appreciate their pluses and minuses.

In this session, Brian will cover the following areas of adaptive reuse:

  • Definitions -- what does adaptive reuse really mean?
  • Best practices -- key ingredients for a successful project.
  • Approvals process -- dealing with zoning and coding issues.
  • Sustainability -- how "green" is adaptive reuse?
  • Project examples -- how Quadrangle rose to the challenge.
  • Lessons learned -- pitfalls to avoid.
  • Next Steps -- adaptive reuse going forward.

Presented by Brian Curtner, Principal, Quadrangle Architects Limited