A Development Model for the Middle Ring Suburbs

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Release Date: May 2012
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Middle Ring Suburb model

The Middle Ring suburbs are a category of older suburbs, caught between downtowns and (at least until the real estate crisis) the well-off exurbs and outlying suburbs.  Some of these Middle Ring suburbs also used to be referred to as the “Inner Ring.”  Their socio-economic decline during the past 40 years has been documented as investment went to downtown centers and exurbs.  Today, the Middle Ring suburbs may be an area of opportunity for re-investment. The middle ring suburbs generally have excellent access to urban transit and state and federal highways, and have displayed a trend toward slow but gradual densification.  This NAIOP Research Foundation report contends they show the contours of future investment in our cities. 

In this program, Alexander D'Hooghe addresses the question of a new development model for the Middle Ring by analyzing its demographic and situational characteristics, as well as its strengths and weaknesses for development. He concludes by outlining the steps to be taken for development site selection and proposes a model to be implemented in such sites. The case study for this research project is Boston, because it allowed the research team to conduct extensive interviews in the area. 

This Solutions Series program gives an overview of "A Development Model for the Middle Ring Suburbs," which was done for the NAIOP Research Foundation.

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