Curbspace: The Hot Pickup Spot

An article by CNNtech, “Cities warm up to designated Uber, Lyft pickup spots,” describes how cities such as Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Fort Lauderdale are replacing commercial parking spaces with reserved pickup and dropoff areas for ride-sharing services. Cities are hoping designated curb areas will improve safety and address issues such as blocked lanes. Drivers who do not use the allotted areas may eventually face fines.

Cities are piloting reserved curbspace mainly in high-traffic areas and are working on ways of partnering with the ride-sharing companies on ways to recapture lost parking revenue. Gerry Tierney, director of the mobility research lab at design firm Perkins+Will, believes reserved curbspace portends increased autonomous vehicle use. "This is sort of like a beta test for autonomous vehicles, when people will summon cars on demand," Tierney said. "You have to first make sure the ridesharing works effectively with transit, bus, bike lanes and everyone using the street."