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Summer 2021 Issue


Eight Crucial Post-Pandemic Takeaways for the Industry

By: Ron Derven

The post-pandemic period could see a lot of innovation and experimentation in commercial real estate.      


Starting a Lab Facility: A Primer for Real Estate Professionals

By: Daniel Castner, Brian Spence and Trevor A. Boz

This fast-growing sector can be complex to navigate for developers.      


Will Technology Impact Manufacturing Reshoring?

By: TJ Parker

And what are the implications for industrial space demand?      


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Must-Read Articles

COVID shot

Integrating Vaccinations into Wellness Programs

By: Wendy King
The real estate industry faces unique challenges in designing vaccination programs based on workplace types and the nature of jobs.

Industrial Solutions for E-Commerce Grocery Fulfillment

By: Scot Murdoch
The pandemic forced the industry to adapt quickly to meet soaring demand.
Built to Suit2

Why Connectivity in Commercial Real Estate is Just as Important as Location

By: Dennis Thankachan
Modern facilities require strong internet connections to help tenants conduct business and to power the growing trend of investments in smart building technologies.

Upcycling: Reimagining Underutilized Commercial Space as Public Space

By: Philip Wilkinson and Teresa Bucco
A project in Pittsburgh demonstrates the potential of activating common areas in older retail destinations.

"A Series of Unfortunate Events"

By: Ken Simonson
Costs for construction materials keep climbing amid shortages and supply-chain issues.
Conf table

Asset Managers Can Play a Key Role in Tenants' Return-to-Workplace Plans

By: Rob Naso
A new framework for mitigating disease in the office focuses on air quality, changing behaviors and building occupant trust.

Stairs on the Rise

By: Shantala Weiss
Monumental stairs can inspire greater interaction, reduce energy costs, and improve employee health and fitness.

Tradepoint Atlantic: A Modern Industrial Revival

By: Kerry Doyle & Marc Salotti
A former steel mill site is being redeveloped into a major East Coast logistical hub.

Related Research and Publications

Industrial Space Demand Forecast, Third Quarter 2021

By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, William & Mary Research Foundation
Demand for industrial real estate continues to be strong as the long-term trend toward e-commerce (and away from in-store sales) continues with no end in sight. With nearly 100 million new square feet delivered nationally since the beginning of the year, 450 million square feet currently under construction and another 450 million planned, the demand for industrial real estate still outpaces supply.

A Two-Dimensional Approach to Evaluating Commercial Real Estate Markets

By: Maria Sicola, Charles Warren, PhD, and Megan Weiner, CityStream Solutions, LLC Research Foundation
A new NAIOP Research Foundation report by Maria Sicola, Charles Warren, Ph.D., and Megan Weiner builds on last year’s report on market tier and ranking systems by describing a two-dimensional approach to evaluating and comparing commercial real estate markets. The report examines 15 years of market data to test multiple two-dimensional models for evaluating the 50 largest industrial and office markets in the United States.

Office Space Demand Forecast, Second Quarter 2021

By: Hany Guirguis, Ph.D., Manhattan College and Michael J. Seiler, DBA, William & Mary and the University of Cambridge Research Foundation
Increasing COVID-19 vaccination rates and strong economic growth will help demand for office space rebound, with a return to positive net absorption forecast for the fourth quarter of 2021. Quarterly net absorption in 2022 is forecast to average 11.7 million square feet, in line with the 2015-2019 quarterly average of 11.6 million square feet.


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Chapter Check-In: NAIOP San Francisco Bay Area

By: Trey Barrineau
The global tech and life sciences hub continues to see significant investments despite the pandemic.

Survey Shows Progress in Diversity Efforts in Real Estate Investment Management

By: Trey Barrineau
However, a lot of work remains despite tangible advances in recent years.

The Chair's Outlook

By: Molly Ryan Carson
Like every organization, NAIOP pivoted throughout the past year to meet the changing needs of our members as the pandemic reshaped our businesses.

CEO on Leadership: Jean V. Kane, Former CEO of Colliers International Minneapolis/St. Paul

By: Ron Derven
The former leader of Colliers International-Minneapolis/St. Paul and 2014 NAIOP National chair talks about how she took a locally owned real estate company and made it part of an international firm with 18,000-plus employees and 400 offices in 67 countries.

Additional Articles


Rethinking the Corporate Headquarters

By: Karl Heitman
A project near Chicago shows the potential for hybrid facilities where offices, warehouse space and manufacturing operations exist under one roof.

Shedding Light on Development Approvals

By: Jennifer LeFurgy, Ph.D.
A new tool helps real estate professionals compare local permitting processes.

Build-to-Suit vs. Spec: Which Building is Right For a Specific Company?

By: K.J. Jacobs
Businesses that are young and growing might lean toward spec; older, established firms could favor build-to-suits.

New & Noteworthy Projects

By: Trey Barrineau
Brief facts and figures about new and noteworthy development projects across North America.

CMBS Coupon-Clipping: Tips for Commercial Mortgage Shopping

By: Andrew Foster and Cody Charfauros
Liquidity returns to the market as pandemic disruptions begin to subside.

Biden's Infrastructure Policies Would Transform Post-Pandemic Economy

By: Aquiles Suarez
The 10-year, $2.65 trillion plan goes far beyond “roads and bridges” and would impact many industries, including commercial real estate.

Research Foundation Report

This research report provides the real estate development community with insight into current and future trends in building and logistics technologies and their implications for industrial real estate. Available Now!

Evolution of the Warehouse Report