New Places and New Spaces for E-commerce Distribution

New Places and New Spaces for E-commerce Distribution: Three Strategies Bringing Industrial and Retail Real Estate Closer Together

By: Dustin C. Read, Ph.D./JD
May 31, 2022

The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to examine three trends related to this convergence: the conversion of shopping centers to distribution centers, adding distribution uses to existing retail buildings, and the development of mixed-use properties that include both distribution and retail.

The Evolution of the Warehouse

The Evolution of the Warehouse: Trends in Technology, Design, Development and Delivery

By: Steve Weikal and James Robert Scott
October 13, 2020

The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to provide the real estate development community with insight into current and future trends in building and logistics technologies and their implications for industrial real estate. Steve Weikal and James Robert Scott, researchers at the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab, interviewed professionals specializing in industrial building design and automated systems to identify emerging trends that will be of interest to industrial developers, building owners and tenants.

suburban office parks

Profiles in the Evolution of Suburban Office Parks

By: Dustin C. Read, Ph.D./J.D.
August 21, 2019

The NAIOP Research Foundation commissioned this report to identify ways that firms are revitalizing suburban office parks through redevelopment, rehabilitation and adaptive reuse. The author interviewed five developers who have recently updated suburban office parks in the United States and Canada to learn how they made these properties relevant for today’s market.


Terms and Definitions

By: Maria Sicola, CEO, Integrity Data Solutions, LLC
April 25, 2017

The 2017 edition of NAIOP’s terms and definitions remains the place to turn to for standardized of industry terminology.

The Complexity of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

The Complexity of Urban Waterfront Redevelopment

By: Barry F. Hersh, New York University Schack Institute of Real Estate
July 01, 2012

Waterfront brownfield regeneration is extraordinarily complex; incorporating ecology, land use, community benefits, hydrology, real estate economics, design and a host of associated disciplines. There's also an array of regulatory and funding agencies, at federal, state and local levels. The mixed-use redevelopment of formerly contaminated waterfronts has become a key but also difficult part of urban revitalization and a significant real estate opportunity.

MIddle Rings Reports

A Development Model for the Middle Ring Suburbs

By: Alexander d'Hooghe, ORG
March 01, 2012

This research provides a development model by first analyzing the complexities of the middle ring development process and then introducing templates for development, design and management that might unlock these sites' potential.


Wind Energy Facilities and Residential Properties: The Effect of Proximity and View on Sales Prices

By: Ben Hoen, Ryan Wiser, Peter Cappers, Mark Thayer and Gautam Sethi
April 01, 2011

This paper studies whether residential property values may be adversely affected by wind energy facilities. The present research investigates roughly 7,500 sales of single-family homes surrounding 24 existing U.S. wind facilities.

Efficacy of Mixed Used Development

An Empirical Study of the Efficacy of Mixed-Use Development - The Seattle Experience

By: James R. DeLisle and Terry V. Grissom
April 01, 2011

This report identifies issues such as density, growth management and accessibility, as well as the current state of knowledge on mixed-use development. It then explores the mixed-use experience in Seattle which spans two decades, making it a living laboratory setting for evaluating key success factors.

Rooftop Revenue by use of Energy Harvesting

Rooftop Revenue: Making Underutilized Space Profitable Through Energy Harvesting

By: Marci DeVries, Soleil Solar
August 01, 2010

This white paper helps owners/developers make a decision about which (if any) energy-harvesting devices to install on their properties. Commercial real estate property owners will find a wealth of information on installations, maintenance, reliability and financial returns.

Mixed Use Price Premiums

Mixed-Use Price Premiums

By: Dr. Dominic F. Minadeo, Colliers Turley Martin Tucker
April 01, 2009

This research report answers the question, "Does one square foot of office or retail in a mixed-use development garner higher rents per square foot than a comparable product in a single use development?" Eight office markets in the Southeast and Midwest were studied with mixed results.

Commercial Real Estate in a Flat World

Commercial Real Estate in a Flat World

By: David Pearce Snyder
November 01, 2007

This research examined how infomating, outsourcing, home-basing, off-shoring/in-shoring, e-learning and e-tailing - can be expected to impact the staffing and facilities (and ultimately, the demand for space) of five major classes of enterprise in the five sustainable markets: retail trade; professional, scientific and technical services; employment services; finance, insurance and banking; and transportation and warehousing.

An Analyis of the Feasibility of Mixed Use Development

An Analysis of the Feasibility of Mixed-Use Development

By: Joseph S. Rabianski, PhD, CRE, Department of Real Estate, Georgia State University
November 01, 2007

This report covers the factors that affect financial feasibility of mixed-use development: economic and market; financial; physical; design and public issues.