NAIOP's 50th Anniversary 

By: Sheila Kelly Vertino, former editor-in-chief of Development magazine and a freelance writer. Thomas J. Bisacquino, president and CEO; Margarita Foster, vice president, knowledge and research; Kathryn Hamilton, vice president, marketing and communications; and Julie D. Stern, managing editor, Development magazine, contributed to this article. Summer 2017 Issue

NAIOP celebrates 50 years of advocacy, education and professional excellence.

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Five Decades of CRE and NAIOP 

By: Margarita Foster, vice president, knowledge and research, and editor-in-chief, Development magazine Summer 2017 Issue

A Timeline of Key Industry and Advocacy Events

Beyond 72 Degrees and Sunny Inside: Optimizing the Indoor Work Environment 

By: Dan Diehl, CEO of Aircuity Summer 2017 Issue

The conversation about indoor environments is changing as tenants leverage new technologies to support employee productivity.

Cranes and Lanes: The Link Between Transportation Infrastructure and CRE  

By: Brian Landes, GIS analyst, Transwestern Summer 2017 Issue

Transportation infrastructure can have dramatic effects on the value of commercial real estate.

Displaying Real-time Transit Information: An Update  

By: Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development Summer 2017 Issue

Screens that provide real-time transit and other transportation information have become an amenity valued by office and residential tenants.

Bringing the Outdoors In With Living Walls 

By: Alvaro J. Ribeiro, AIA, senior architect, Margulies Perruzzi Architects Summer 2017 Issue

Living wall systems can be simpler to install and maintain than one might expect — and can have meaningful impacts on building owners and occupants.

Canadian and U.S. National Industrial Trends 

By: David Egan, Americas head of industrial research, CBRE Global Research Summer 2017 Issue

A comparison of these two North American industrial markets offers some interesting insights.

Co-working Spaces for Health and Beauty Professionals 

By: Ken McAllister, founder and president, My Salon Suite Summer 2017 Issue

A real estate model originally designed to meet the needs of startups and freelancers is customized for the health and beauty industry.

How Retail Flagships Lead the Fleet 

By: James Cook, director of research, retail, JLL Summer 2017 Issue

Flagship stores enable retailers to create a physical embodiment of a brand through design and spectacle — and to experiment with new concepts and technologies.

Urban Food Halls 

By: Amanda Tran, a freelance real estate writer and researcher Summer 2017 Issue

Food halls offer small-scale opportunities for landlords, operators, chefs and diners.