Sound Bites from NAIOP’s Development ‘14: The Meeting for Commercial Real Estate

Winter 2014

Sound Bites from NAIOP’s Development ‘14: The Meeting for Commercial Real Estate in Denver 

“A shopping center is nothing more than a point in space that delivers goods and services at the right location to a consumer. It’s a distribution facility.” Jerry White, senior retail advisor, Colliers International

“Some rules of retail have radically changed in the last five years. … Turnover within a retail property is not viewed as negatively as it used to be.” John Crossman, president, Crossman & Company

“Every month, every quarter, of this year and last year and every year before that, we have set a new record for intermodal traffic. If you know which Class I railroads are connecting to which intermodal facilities and moving where, [you’ll know] where industrial demand is.” K.C. Conway, senior vice president, credit risk management, Sun Trust Bank

“The real estate decisions we’re making today ... will pave the way for the success of the millennials. They need to be part of the conversation. What they expect, what they care about, what they value should be part of the conversation.” Angela Castleton, principal and national workplace leader, DLR Group

“It’s a good time to be in the sales part of the equation ... but it’s not really as much fun to be a buyer.” Mike Curless, CIO, Prologis

“Given the sheer amount of equity capital, investors are struggling to find deals that meet targeted risk-return thresholds. … This abundance of debt and equity capital, historically low interest rates and steady economic growth have created a fertile real estate market.” Jamie Fox, CRE banking southwest marketing executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“You should fear obsolescence of the properties you own. Change is occurring quickly, and real estate is clunky; it is not quickly changed and it is expensive to change.” Mark Stapp, executive director, Master of Real Estate Development program, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University