When asked what keeps them up at night, the CEOs and COOs that Oxford Properties interviewed for its “Destination Collaboration: The Future of Work” report said, “the ability of the enterprise to attract and retain top talent.” Following the eventual “silver tsunami” of baby boomer retirements comes the millennial generation workforce, a demographic group even bigger than the boomers and with an entirely different attitude about where and how they want to work.

Spring 2014

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exterior view of Harley Marine Services' corporate headquarters

Better Stormwater Management For a Better Bottom Line

By: Sam H. Black, an attorney and past chairman of the Washington, D.C., Smart Growth Alliance; he has spoken throughout the U.S. on the formation of partnerships of real estate, business and environmental groups to support sustainable growth

Developers and commercial property owners throughout the U.S. are undertaking stormwater management initiatives that are making their properties more sustainable, reducing their fees and taxes and, in many cases, reducing development costs and increasing profits.      

exterior view of the Chelsea Piers Connecticut building

New Life for Obsolete Structures The Campus, Stamford, Conn.

By: Douglas A. Bora Jr., managing director of Spinnaker Real Estate Partners LLC and Steven Wise, principal of Steven Wise Associates LLC.

Aging industrial and office structures throughout the U.S. offer unique opportunities for owners and developers to think creatively about adapting and reusing obsolete buildings and properties. Rather than demolishing these structures, many developers are transforming them into places that meet the needs of today’s commercial real estate markets. The Campus on Interstate 95 in Stamford, Conn., a former Clairol headquarters and manufacturing facility, is a case in point.      

stairway in the TenThreeTwenty office building

TenThreeTwenty First Potomac Modernizes Office Building

By: Evan Weisman, director of development at First Potomac Realty Trust

How much to invest in the repositioning of an office asset is a perennial question facing real estate owners and investors. It is especially critical in a market characterized by moderate demand. How does an owner strike the right balance? First Potomac Realty Trust tells its story about one such project.