Steve Crosby

CEO on Leadership: Stephen A. Crosby, President, CSX Real Property, Inc. 

By: Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development Summer 2013

Stephen A. Crosby has served as President, CSX Real Property since 2000, responsible for sales, leasing and development of surplus CSX properties. He also oversees acquisition of property for industrial development, licensing of rail corridor use for utilities, pipelines or telecommunication transmission lines and numerous other property-related responsibilities.

Gene Reilly

Future Space Demand, User Behavior and the Psychology of Real Estate 

By: Gene Reilly, CEO of the Americas, Prologis Summer 2013

Real estate is shifting from a founder-based to successor-based business, with 60 percent of today’s CEOs gone by 2020 and 30 percent fewer practicing firms. This is just one of the intriguing facts shared by Chris Lee, CEO of CEL & Associates, Inc. at the recent National Forums Symposium.

Perspectives from the 2013 National Forums Symposium 

By: Various Summer 2013

Some highlights from NAIOP 2013 National Forums Symposium in Chicago, IL.