At Closing: Staying Ahead of the Curve

Spring 2013
Gene Reilly

The beginning of each year brings new optimism and a resolve to keep one step ahead of the curve. I’m pleased to share that NAIOP is entering 2013 with these things in mind.

Today, NAIOP is extremely well-positioned to meet the needs of its membership. Not all trade organizations can make this claim. We are strong financially and robust with new members, but there are challenges ahead that require a proactive approach.

The value proposition for a trade association, like any other business, changes over time. I believe we are currently in a period of rapid change for NAIOP. Our members need to do more, with fewer resources, in less time.

Our membership uses technology in very different ways than it did just five years ago. We communicate differently, and at the same time, we are overscheduled and time constrained. I believe this is a trend that isn’t going to change.

Like most of you, I am a consumer of the products and services of several different trade organizations, and what matters to me is optimizing our conferences to get more out of the experience; effective advocacy efforts for our industry; and impactful research and education offerings, with easy and immediate access to information.

Two of my goals for this year keep those wants in mind.

The first goal is improved efficiency of the NAIOP member experience, from events to communication to education. This involves a critical review of our own events outreach, and potential coordination with other real estate trade organizations.

The second goal is improving communication between NAIOP Corporate and our local chapters. We must ensure that all of our members understand the work Corporate does and, specifically, how their local chapter can benefit from these efforts.

Initiatives are underway right now to address these issues. We are already partnering with peer organizations where it makes sense, and our committees are evaluating ideas to improve member experiences across the association. The new NAIOP website is a tremendous improvement to our communication efforts — one that will continue to get better with time.

I spend much of my time with Prologis on the road, conveniently bringing me to many of your home cities this year. With 13 chapter visits already scheduled, I look forward to meeting you, hearing what’s important to your businesses and markets, and learning more about the members who comprise NAIOP today.

Thank you for your confidence in me as chairman this year. I’m very optimistic that we’ll stay ahead of the curve as our member needs change, and I look forward to working with many of you.

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