Crowdfunding: A Game-Changer in Finance?  

By: Ellen Rand, contributing editor, Development. Fall 2013

Ask Benjamin Miller, co-founder of the Washington, D.C.-based online real estate finance company Fundrise about crowdfunding and he will tell you, as he told the House Committee on Small Business several months ago, that “the Internet will do to capital what it did to media and commerce: it will completely disrupt the status quo.” In short, it will be transformative.

Tax Abatements as a Shield for Looming Property Tax Increases 

By: Jaclyn S. Maloney, attorney, Husch Blackwell LLP. Fall 2013

Throughout the Great Recession and well into what has become an extended period of slow recovery, the tax revenue base for municipal governments has been shrinking. According to a 2012 National League of Cities year-end survey, “National League of Cities Research Brief on America’s Cities,” 2012 was expected to be the sixth consecutive year of year-over-year declining municipal revenues. Municipal revenues are not expected to rebound in real time with the economy.

Will Values Fall If Rates Rise and Rents Don’t? 

By: Ellen Rand, contributing editor, Development. Fall 2013

This past spring, Joseph L. Pagliari Jr., clinical professor of real estate at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, gave a presentation titled “Some Thoughts on Past and Future Real Estate Returns.” Today, as interest rates appear to be rising, nervousness about rate increases and their impact on real estate values appears to be on the rise as well. Development caught up with Pagliari to ask about his outlook on interest rates, commercial real estate values, and what all this means for owners and investors.