Owners and Brokers: Can We Talk? 

By: Ellen Rand, contributing editor, Development Spring 2012

Are property owners from Venus and commercial real estate brokers from Mars? Do they understand enough about each other’s business to move transactions along in a challenging environment? Development magazine set out to learn what owners wished brokers knew about their business and negotiations and vice versa.

Small Town America Is Building. And Building Green! 

By: Jack Schultz, CEO, Agracel, Inc. Spring 2012

At a time when few construction cranes were in operation, the small town of Effingham, Ill., had not one but two working, and on adjacent private projects. These two projects, an 80,000-square-foot mid-rise office and a 100,000-square-foot technology center, were designed with LEED certification in mind and were completed near the end of 2011.

New Voices - Can You Envision the Office of the Future? 

By: Leslie Silvey, senior communications manager, NAIOP. Spring 2012

As technology continues to evolve and the face of the workforce becomes younger and more mobile, the office can no longer be seen as just a place to “park your briefcase.” To accommodate a changing workforce, the office of the future must be conducive to enhancing productivity and encouraging connectivity as well as act as a key recruiting tool for an organization.

Data Centers' Place in the Cloud 

By: Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development. Spring 2012

With cloud computing ubiquitous, data centers will pass from use like eight-track tapes...or will they? According to a recent survey by CoreNet Global and Newmark Knight Frank, 50 percent of companies are investing in and/or are planning to build or expand data centers.

First Look - Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Surge Ahead 

By: Elizabeth Sherrod, managing and director of research, NAIOP. Spring 2012

Development magazine first reported on the charging station needs of electric vehicles in the Spring 2010 issue. Back then, the topic wasn’t top of mind for commercial property owners. Now, momentum is increasing as plug-in cars become more visible on the nation’s highways.

CITYCENTRE: From Mall to Mixed-Use 

By: Jonathan Brinsden, COO, Midway Companies Spring 2012

Neglected properties are being updated at a rapid pace. Such is the case with CITYCENTRE, a mixed-use development built on the site of a once popular, but neglected, indoor shopping mall, with an eye to the future of Houston’s evolving transportation and consumption needs.

Strategically Green: Making Sense of Solar 

By: Aaron Binkley, director, sustainability programs, Prologis. Spring 2012

Which solar panel products are best-suited to install on commercial buildings? What are the pros and cons of these solar panel products from the vantage point of a commercial property owner? The Solar Technology Reference Guide identifies the characteristics, benefits and limitations of a range of solar panels on the market.

Strategically Green - Maximizing Value on a Blighted Property through Solar Development 

By: Peter Baty, project director, environmental compliance & due diligence services; and Max Lamson, project director, renewable energy services, Sanborn, Head & Associates, Inc. Spring 2012

Commercial real estate developers are constantly challenged to maximize the value of their property assets with a highest-and-best use. However, this objective can be particularly challenging with blighted sites; including those that may be contaminated or have other types of commercial development constraints.

Reimagined Potential Leads to Redevelopment Success 

By: Steven P. Johnson, Gresham, Smith and Partners Spring 2012

One Hundred Oaks is a 40-year old, 880,000-square-foot retail mall that was renovated into a mixed-use development with Vanderbilt University Medical Center as the major tenant. Located on 56 acres in a strategically located area of Nashville, the development was led by ATR & Associates, Inc. and Corinth Properties.

Under Development - Tips for a Successful Demolition Project 

By: Michael R. Taylor, CAE, executive director, National Demolition Association Spring 2012

Veteran developers, owners and investors in commercial real estate are all too familiar with Murphy’s Law — “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” By anticipating unforeseen situations, managing expectations and avoiding misunderstandings, the certainty that Murphy is always right can be minimized.

Under Development - Using Glycol Systems for Warehouse Refrigeration 

By: Ron Derven, contributing editor, Development. Spring 2012

When Toronto-based Longo’s Supermarkets set out to build a LEED-Gold certified head office and distribution center, it wanted environmentally friendly, cost-effective warehouse refrigeration.