Alex Klatskin

At Closing - A Welcome and Long-Awaited Return to Optimism 

By: Alex Klatskin, partner, Forsgate Industrial Partners Spring 2011

NAIOP Chairman’s Perspective - The beginning of 2011 is giving us new hope that the commercial real estate market, which has been limping back from a terrible fall, might actually get into a full stride quite soon.

New Voices - Developers Leaders’ Upbeat About 2011 

By: Sarah A. Milans, marketing manager, NAIOP Spring 2011

Developing Leader members were surveyed in January 2011 to gauge their outlook on the year ahead and their thoughts on what’s in store for the commercial real estate industry. Areas addressed in the survey included hot topics, networking opportunities, development potential, education interest and future outlook.

Worth Repeating Spring 2011 

By: Various Spring 2011

Wisdom and industry outlooks from a Solution Series program on sustainable development and Webinars on the 2011 investment outlook and federal real property markets.