2011 Buyers Guide graphic

NAIOP's 2011 Buyers Guide 

By: None Winter 2010

Looking for an architect, engineer or contractor for your next redevelopment project? The NAIOP guide in this issue lists dozens of firms around the country.

The New Marketing Mandate 

By: Ellen Rand, contributing editor, Development Winter 2010

Point an iPhone at a building and see that building’s leasing information. Refurbish lobbies, upgrade the HVAC systems, create walking trails and wi-fi spots on an office or industrial campus. Whether they’re thinking creatively or focusing on the basics, property owners have been using these and other strategies to sign new tenants and renew existing tenants.

First Look - Where Have All the Retail Tenants Gone? 

By: Elizabeth Sherrod, managing editor and research director, NAIOP Winter 2010

According to a report by Colliers International, 120 million square feet of big box retail space has been vacated since January 2008. How has the retail industry been impacted and what are some creative adaptations for the vacant boxes?