Christopher Haley

Christopher Haley

Palladian Realty Capital LLC  |  Partner

Lutherville, Maryland

Leadership Position:

Involvement: Research Foundation Governor

Christopher Haley is co-founder of Palladian Realty Capital LLC, a boutique real estate merchant- and investment-banking firm. Palladian offers differentiated and independent services to its privately-held and publicly-listed constituents supported by a research-oriented foundation. Palladian leverages its principals' advisory- and research-oriented capabilities to assist property-oriented businesses in their capital- and strategic-planning efforts, and also co-invests in the investment strategies/programs created. Prior to Palladian, Mr. Haley was managing director in Wachovia Securities' Equity Capital Markets division where he led its research and investment efforts in the real estate securities sector beginning in 1993. Mr. Haley is a trustee of the Research Foundation. He is also the chairman of the Foundation’s Distinguished Fellows Credentialing Committee and a member Foundation’s Research Committee.