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Fresh thinking is essential to maintaining NAIOP's energy and vitality. With that in mind, we've kicked off the Developing Leaders program, our initiative to provide programming specifically designed for NAIOP members age 35 and under.

Launching a DL program at your chapter is easier when you can get some publicity – especially when it’s free or at least low cost. Here are some ideas for getting the word out on your chapter’s initiative.

Generate Momentum by Hosting a Developing Leaders Event

Fresh ideas and new membership are essential to maintaining NAIOP's energy and vitality. With that in mind, we've kicked off the Developing Leaders (DL) program, our initiative to bring in new NAIOP members age 35 and under.

The successful launch of a DL program at your chapter can start with just one gathering of prospects at a memorable recruiting event.

Customize the Event Promotion Materials

Take advantage of resources ready for your chapter’s use! Download these helpful resources to launch your program and use the NAIOP brand!

Press Release Template
Media Guidance
About the DL Program Flier
DL Event Flier
Color Palette

Get the Right People Together

Task your chapter members with assembling a list of all commercial real estate professionals in your area who are 35 and under. Talk to local businesses and schools to help you identify a large and diverse roster. Make sure to personally invite each person on the list by phone, mail or email. Then be sure to send your list to NAIOP Corporate to ensure proper follow up and inclusion in the NAIOP database for targeted DL effort. Also, once you’ve determined your event, make sure that you update NAIOP's NAIOP's calendar of events.

Motivate through Messaging

You'll want your guests to walk away with knowledge of who NAIOP is and what we can do to help budding careers. Learn more about NAIOP online!

Enable Networking

Make sure your area's top commercial real estate leaders attend and give aspiring professionals a chance to meet them.

Open Lines for Feedback

Rather than a passive program, consider an interactive format in which guests can express their questions, concerns and successes. It's a great way to hear what's on new professionals' minds so you can tailor your DL program to fit.

Facilitate Action

All guests should receive membership materials, contact information and other data that can help them join NAIOP while the inspiration is fresh.

Have Fun!

Show new people that NAIOP is a high-energy, dynamic organization that truly celebrates commercial real estate professionals and empowers them to be their best.


When you're planning to round up your area's newer commercial real estate professionals, here are some considerations:

How many guests? If you're in a less populated area, your chapter's budget may permit a small, sophisticated gathering of young prospects at a local restaurant. With a large number of invites, a simpler event might be in order. Remember, the main objective is to reach as many real estate professionals as possible.

How formal? Plan an event that reflects your location and its lifestyle. You can choose a sit-down dinner, a business casual wine tasting or a rock climb and picnic. The possibilities are endless.

What’s the right theme? You can create a theme around the event’s location and augment it with some decorative touches. With a creativity, your NAIOP chapter can put together a fun and informative gathering that brings together the best, young talent in your area. You’ll be helping your colleagues, advancing the reach of NAIOP and having a great time all at once.

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