DL Partnership Ideas

DL Partnership Ideas

Partnering can bring new recognition and interest to your chapter’s DL program! Take a look at some ideas to help boost your program!

Corporate Sponsorships

In some instances, your chapter’s Developing Leaders programming can be financed by your member companies. It’s a win-win proposition. Corporate sponsorship enriches your DL offerings while giving member companies exposure to the 35-and-under professional demographic. When one company underwrites your chapter’s entire DL effort, the sponsorship can lend a powerful prestige to their brand. When you’re seeking out such support from your member companies, make sure that the invitations and other event collateral promote your sponsor prominently. Use their logos and make sure to include their principals as speakers or other key participants.

Creative Tie-Ins

You can also enlist the help of outside companies. Creative tie-ins can make these relationships mutually beneficial, boosting their brand while you build your DL programming.

  • Connect with an electronics or telecommunications company and discuss using one of their products to shoot a video or photo montage promoting both NAIOP and the product
  • Create a grassroots video for YouTube or Google
  • Partner with prominent university real estate programs, boosting their creativity while creating a conduit for new DL program members to join up
  • Help host campus parties and university galas 
  • Leverage student-run real estate clubs to connect with interested students 
  • Sponsor real estate club events on campus 

Recruiting Ideas

  • Leverage online advertisements with leading real estate blogs and publications
  • Get referrals from employment agencies that recruit in the real estate field
  • Use personal contacts of young professionals and networking/seminars within industry
  • Target social networking sites: 
    • LinkedIn
    • Facebook
    • Google Plus
    • Twitter
  • Consult with career service centers at universities
  • Attend campus career fairs and reserve booths through the Student Life Center