As a member of NAIOP, I have met a lot of amazing people – peers and mentors – and I have been able to learn a lot from both. I have also been lucky enough to be involved on the legislative affairs side, which I think is invaluable to my company, my clients and my professional development.
    — Fiona Haulter, Program Manager, Global Corporate Services, Global Change Management; CBRE

I learned about NAIOP when I was in graduate school at the University of Denver and it was clear that becoming a part of the organization was a first step in becoming an active player in the Denver CRE world. The diversity among the members and the opportunity to connect with people of all disciplines in CRE is what attracted me to join. I find the programs to be very timely and worth attending. The speakers are generally top executives and the share a valuable perspective on the market, the economy, and financing, etc. Events provide a great medium to network and to meet with colleagues and/or the people you’ve always wanted to pick their brains. I’ve learned that the most important thing that you can do with NAIOP is to get involved in various committees. By being a part of the committees, you’ll meet more people and develop relationships that transcend into doing business together. 
    — Joanna Bartnik, Associate Director Acquisitions, Alliance Commercial Partners

Since joining NAIOP in 2004, it has been a great experience. NAIOP has offered national exposure for both myself and my company. Through traveling to various conferences across the country, I have met some great contacts who I still keep in touch with today. If I have a question about a different market, I know the answer is always just a phone call away.

I urge anyone that is looking for great networking opportunities, or looking to gain a better understanding of national issues affecting our industry to consider NAIOP. 
    — Matt Watson, Leasing Representative, Highwoods Properties

NAIOP is a great organization to be a part of. You gain insight into current events regarding the real estate industry, while learning from those lobbying for changes or alterations to real estate policies and practices on the Hill. NAIOP has provided me the opportunity to meet likeminded folks across all spectrums of the real estate business. To date, I've been able to work with a handful of NAIOP members, and have gained a wealth of knowledge and mentorship from those same members and others. This is a great organization that I will continue membership with, not just for networking, but for intellectual growth. 
    — Michael Squires, Citi Global Markets

NAIOP is one of the best organizations that I am involved with and I am involved with many. NAIOP doesn’t hide the fact that we are there, not only to learn and be educated about current development in our region and around the country, but also to network and generate business with one another. It has been a great platform to get to know other development professionals and to create a wealth of resources when a service or specialty is needed that I cannot provide. I have also received several project leads from people within NAIOP. 
    — Jennifer Turchin, NCARB, AIA, LEED AP BD+C, Senior Consultant, Sellen Sustainability

NAIOP has given me the opportunity to participate on numerous committees and attend events that have ultimately led to personal introductions and relationships with senior members of the industry. I have also developed significant relationships with my peers that have resulted in many new business opportunities for my company.
    — Allison Beall, Director of Business Development, Pacific Building Group

The most beneficial part of NAIOP for me has been the opportunity to rub shoulders with successful and influential Maryland developers who have had significant impact in the community where I live and work. Whether it has been before a board meeting or at a NAIOP event, I get the opportunity to pick their brains about the inner workings of a project. I can see how they’ve succeeded or how they’ve failed and can apply what I have learned from them in my own career.
    — Brendan Gil, Vice President, MacKenzie Management Company, LLC

Being a member of NAIOP has given me the opportunity to interact with several established members of the commercial real estate industry through the countless educational programs, volunteer events, etc., that our chapter organizes each year. Through the Developing Leaders Committee, I have been given a true sense of involvement in a networking organization.
    — Shannon Van Gemert, Senior Production Analyst, CBRE Capital Markets

NAIOP is the most valuable place to network and build solid relationships with the movers and shakers in the commercial real estate industry.
    — Brian McDonald, National Account Manager, First American Title

Active participation and service in NAIOP has allowed me to develop invaluable relationships with fellow brokers and hundreds of industry colleagues.
    — Andrew Cheney, Principal, Lee & Associates

NAIOP has opened many doors and allowed me to meet and work with some of the most influential real estate professionals in the industry. It is a tremendous organization that not only exposes you to your local market, but nationally as well.
    — Paul Jones, Vice President, CBRE

Through the networking opportunities NAIOP has allowed me to maintain solid relationships with the local professionals that I’ve worked with in the past. On the research side, events such as bus tours and market updates help me to keep my finger on the pulse of the market, which I use in my day-to-day work.
    — Eli Gilbert, Senior Research Analyst, Jones Lang LaSalle

Being a member of NAIOP has helped my career by making a big city small. It is the best place to meet people from all walks of the commercial real estate world. I have been able to use NAIOP relationships to answer questions about a particular deal and generate business for my company. Most importantly, I have developed relationships with professionals who I will be working with for the next 20 plus year.  
    — Andrew Patterson, Associate Finance Officer; Norris, Beggs & Simpson Financial Services

Through NAIOP I have had the opportunity to network with many industry professionals which has enabled me to establish new and strengthen existing business relationships. The Developing Leaders has been a channel to help me give back to our community through my participation in charitable events and in national initiatives such as the Diversity Task Force. The exposure, experience and relationships developed through my membership are invaluable and I continually have the opportunity to pay it forward as an ambassador for NAIOP and the CRE industry.
    — Carlos Pineda, Vice President, VeenendaalCave, Inc.

I can say NAIOP has definitely helped my career by allowing me to connect with senior members of the Toronto Real Estate community that I would not otherwise connect with. NAIOP has been an instrumental part of my career path. 
    — Peter McFarlane, Manager, Scotiabank

Being a member of NAIOP has been a great experience. Through NAIOP I have established good connections with peers and industry leaders. NAIOP’s chapter meetings and seminars have also proven to be a great way to stay current with what’s going on in the industry.
    — Matthew G. Schlindwein, P.E., Vice President of Development, F. Greek Development

NAIOP’s Developing Leaders program has had a significant impact my career. On a local level it has allowed me to develop strong relationships with senior NAIOP members. At the corporate level, I have had the chance to meet a number of exceptional DLs throughout the country that have elevated my outlook on the industry and the possibilities that exist within it. 
    — Justin A. Beck, CCIM, CPM, President, Beck Property Company, LLC

My NAIOP membership is an integral part of my career. The knowledge I have gained and the relationships I have made are irreplaceable. 
    — Tom Crow, M.D. Hodges

NAIOP is a great organization for networking with fellow members of the real estate community in a variety of markets. 
    — Lindsay Mangum, Primera Companies

My NAIOP membership represents a level of professional accomplishment for myself, consistent access to education for professional growth and access to a network of consummate professionals within our industry.
    — Graham MacDonald, Cushman & Wakefield