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Tenants Ponder: Should I Stay or Should I Go? 

To keep buildings hip, landlords are making capital expenditures earlier than budgeted.

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Unified Commerce: The Future of Retail? 

Big data and integrated cloud-based retail platforms enable retailers to provide customers with seamless, secure, personalized shopping experiences, both in stores and via computers and mobile devices.

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How to Future-Proof the Workplace 

Interior design driven by how employees use their space, rather than by general workplace trends, will produce more effective, productive workplaces.

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Esports Arenas Have Entered the Game 

Will professional video gaming be the next great urban entertainment real estate anchor?

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Competition for Talent Heats Up 

Commercial real estate companies face big challenges in attracting and retaining exceptional professionals.

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Networked Electric Vehicle Charging Stations 

The answers to five simple questions reveal the benefits of these systems for businesses.

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Autonomous Trucking's Effect on Industrial Real Estate 

The next game-changer will speed delivery times and improve use of warehouse space.

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Coworking Spaces With Child Care Services 

A new type of coworking center is emerging to meet the needs of parents with part-time or flexible work schedules and child care needs.

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What Lies Ahead for Commercial Real Estate, Part 2 

A look at some of the trends presenting challenges and creating opportunities for CRE.