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Coworking in Denver 

The Denver area is home to a unique mix of nonprofit and for-profit shared workplaces and coworking centers. Both offer users a range of services and workspaces at a variety of monthly rates.

interior view of an office building atrium

Reposition + Rebrand: Consultative Design 

Consultative design services can help building owners revive stale Class B and outdated Class A office properties.

2011 Guide to Architects Contractors Engineers

NAIOP's 2014 Guide to Architects, Engineers and Contractors 

Looking for an architect, engineer or contractor for your next redevelopment project? The NAIOP guide in this issue lists dozens of firms around the country.

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exterior building sign

Attracting Office Tenants with Building Signage 

For that tough-to-close tenant, offering space on a building sign may be just the thing to seal the deal. Perceptive property owners will make this part of their negotiation process with both new tenants and lease renewals. Tenants, however, must understand that exterior signage is rarely a “given,” and that it typically must be negotiated upfront.


Install Fiber Optic Cable to Stay Ahead of Tenant Demand 

Developers who are still installing Internet connections to their buildings through copper wire may lose tenants at the next lease renewal and risk early obsolescence if a recent report on Internet and data growth from Cisco Systems is to be believed.