Steve Schellenberg

Steve Schellenberg

IMS Worldwide, Inc.  |  Vice President

Webster, Texas

Steve Schellenberg, Vice President of Business Development, IMS Worldwide, Inc. has been involved in logistics, manufacturing, distribution and transportation for over thirty years.  His experience includes managing all aspects of automotive supply chains, global distribution and third-party logistics.  He has extensive experience in the North America Free Trade Agreement trading regions and has managed air cargo, freight forwarding and air charter operations.

For the past ten years, he has conducted assessments of global supply chains and has performed evaluations related to supply chain security enhancements, supply chain custody and emerging Radio Frequency Identification systems to identify container location, status and condition.

Schellenberg has conducted significant port and infrastructure assessments related to logistics and industrial development opportunities and value.  He recently completed a comprehensive review of the Chinese Automobile Industry and has significant insights into their readiness to export vehicles to the U.S. market.  He has also authored numerous reports on how logistics and supply chain reconfigurations create industrial development value and opportunity.