Site Feasibility and Market Analysis On-demand

Course length: 16 hours / 8 modules
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Designed for: Developers, owners, investors, brokers, land planners and financial managers.

This course is designed for the intermediate to experienced real estate professional. Explore how to navigate through the capital considerations of a project, including the cost and availability of financing, and examine the underlying contributors to supply, what drives the demand for development, and potential political, legal and regulatory challenges. Learn the critical components included in a site feasibility analysis, and use those skills to perform a national, regional and local economic analysis to determine the state of the market, economic base, availability of resources and the availability supply and demand.

Course modules:

  1. Overview - Defining the Problem
  2. Market Analysis
  3. Supply and Demand Analysis
  4. Local Analysis and Regulations
  5. Highest and Best Use and Valuation
  6. Due Diligence
  7. Data Sources
  8. Site Feasibility Team Review

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