Real Estate as a Service On-demand

Course length: 3 hours / 6 modules
Level: Intermediate
Designed for: Developers, owners, financiers, investors, brokers and property managers.
Course Access: Upon enrollment, students have 60 days to complete this course.

It’s more than just a passing trend – coworking and other flexible real estate solutions are reshaping the U.S. office market. This course provides professionals with an understanding of the latest utilizations of and best practices for the real estate as a service model from coworking spaces to office amenities to flexible leases and more. Learn from practitioners working in the real estate as a service world, respond to realistic scenarios, explore case studies on successful real estate as a service spaces, and create an action plan for next steps in establishing a real estate as a service space. Gain understanding of the unique aspects of the model, including a change in mindset, creating community, effective marketing, building design, recruiting a team and understanding financials. Upon completion of the course, participants will have the critical knowledge to help them succeed in establishing a real estate as a service space.

Course modules:

  1. Mindset
  2. Marketing
  3. Community
  4. Design
  5. Finance and Documents
  6. Team

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