Real Estate Investment and Capital Markets On-demand

Course length: 16 hours / 8 modules
Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Designed for: Developers, owners, investors and financiers.

This course examines, at an intermediate to senior level, the intersection of real estate space markets and real estate capital markets. Learn about the Four Quadrants of Real Estate Finance: private debt, public debt, private equity and public equity, and their application to real estate space markets, and explore the derivative markets that involve real estate. Explore a range of topics in equity real estate investment, including private equity markets, private equity deal structuring, public and private real estate investment trusts (REITs), measuring risk and return, structuring optimal portfolios, real estate risk management techniques, and more. The course also covers a variety of topics in commercial real estate debt markets, including the structure of the U.S. mortgage finance system, the valuation of mortgages, and commercial mortgage-backed securities.

Course modules:

  1. Capital Markets
  2. Private Debt Case Study: Underwriting a Commercial Mortgage
  3. Private Debt: Pricing Traditional Mortgage Loans
  4. Securitization and CMBS
  5. Private Equity
  6. Public Equity REITs
  7. Role of Real Estate in an Investment Portfolio
  8. Real Estate Investment Management

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