Modern Industrial Development On-demand

Course length: 5 hours / 4 modules
Level: Intermediate 
Designed for: Developers, owners, and investors.

The industrial warehouse of today has come a long way from its basic “big box” predecessor. This course provides professionals with an understanding of the components of the modern industrial warehouses being developed today, and an overview of the steps involved in the ground-up development of these industrial buildings. Explore the roles, analytical tools used, critical decisions, tasks, risks and pitfalls that apply at each step of the industrial development process. The course begins with an overview of the product type, then moves on to niche topics including infill development, cold storage and the supply chain.

Course modules:

  1. Industrial Development Fundamentals
  2. Approaches to Infill Development
  3. Understanding the Temperature-controlled Environment
  4. Goods Distribution and the Supply Chain


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