Industry Terms and Definitions

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Walk Score
Walk score is a number between 0 and 100 that measures the number of amenities such as retail, businesses, parks, theaters and schools that can be accessed by foot inside a 1-mile radius from a particular address.
90–100 Walker’s Paradise
Daily errands do not require a car
70–89 Very Walkable
Most errands can be accomplished on foot
50–69 Somewhat Walkable
Some errands can be accomplished on foot
25–49 Car-dependent
Most errands require a car
0–24 Car-dependent
Almost all errands require a car
A facility primarily used for the storage or distribution or both of materials, goods and merchandise. (Typical characteristics are shown in the Industrial Building Types Matrix.)
Work Letter
A legal document that outlines the obligations of the landlord relative to the improvements necessary to prepare leased premises for a tenant’s occupancy. Items typically found in a work letter include a description of the improvements, the cost thereof, and the portion of the cost to be paid by the landlord, the completion date and the insurance requirements of contractors performing the improvements.