Industry Terms and Definitions

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Under Construction
A building is under construction when construction permits have been obtained and site excavation has begun. If a site is being redeveloped, demolition of existing structures does not necessarily indicate that construction has begun. Sites are sometimes cleared years in advance of a groundbreaking.
Under Renovation
A building is typically under renovation when construction permits have been obtained and demolition has begun. A building is under renovation if it remains inhabitable by tenants during the construction. If an existing building is gutted extensively (i.e., elevators and bathrooms do not function and it can, therefore, not be occupied by a tenant), then the building should be removed from inventory and redelivered when the occupancy permit is issued.
Urban areas are commonly identified with a city, are typically built on a traditional street grid, have consistent building setbacks, have sidewalks and usually include multiple-story buildings.
Usable Area
This relative term is best compared to rentable area. Usable area is the amount of space that can actually be used by tenants within the space they lease. For example, columns inside a tenant space are counted in the measure of rentable area, but the space occupied by the column cannot be used by the tenant. A tenant’s usable area does not include common areas in the building.