Joe Nuñez

Joe Nuñez

Vantage Law Group, PLLC  |  Attorney & Partner

Minneapolis, Minnesota

What advice would you give to someone starting out in CRE?
Do your homework, understand as much as you can about the deal/opportunity in front of you or your industry area, and appreciate (and be honest about) the things you don’t know. One of a person’s greatest attributes is the ability to know what they don’t know (as well as where to find the answer). The last thing you want is a reputation as being a b-s artist who won’t admit to not knowing something.

How has NAIOP advanced your career in CRE?
NAIOP has provided access to resources – both people and information – and wonderful networking opportunities. NAIOP also does the leg work on governmental issues that are important to the industry and the work we do, issues that would be impossible for any one member to track.

Who or what has influenced you most in your professional life?
A number of people – mentors and otherwise – who maintain perspective, are respectful to how they treat others (no matter where on the “food chain” other people may be) and who appreciate that success is not always measured simply by the number of deals closed.