Chris Pearson

Chris Pearson

Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc.  |  Senior Project Manager | Development

Los Angeles, California

What advice would you give to someone starting out in CRE?
Most people decide to go into commercial real estate because they are familiar with one side of the business, I think exposing yourself to all sides of the business from leasing and acquisitions to development and management will give people a larger understanding of how they fit in the bigger picture and provide an opportunity for future avenues within the industry. Knowing too much is never the problem when it comes to real estate

How has NAIOP advanced your career in CRE?
NAIOP is an important conduit for me to unique networking opportunities, meeting people throughout the industry and in the market has been extremely helpful in fostering business development opportunities and expanding my knowledge base. I’ve also been able to take advantage the Young Professional’s Group which has provided me a deeper insight into myself both personally and professionally.

Who or what has influenced you most in your professional life?
The primary influencer has been the actual work, seeing the end result of a new development and knowing it will live for years to come is incredible satisfying. The other big influencers are past and present colleagues who have trusted my skill set enough to give me the confidence to keep pushing to achieve.