Transforming Your Service Lines - From Office and Industrial to Healthcare

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Release Date: January 2010
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Dreyer Medical Clinic

The Alter Group, one of the nation's oldest private developers, reinvented their product lines 10 years ago to offer a full-service healthcare arm, Alter+Care. Alter Group Senior Vice President Kurt Rosene and Alter+Care President John Driscoll will share...

  • How the division generates revenues of more than $165 million and now owns more than 200,000 square feet of space ranging from office buildings to multi-purpose medical campuses serving physicians, nurses, and physical therapists with fitness centers, spas and emergency care.
  • How the office development firm recruited top healthcare professionals to create a full-service healthcare division and expand the reach of the firm in the face of the recession.
  • The primary challenges of working with the healthcare profession, the unique demands of space for physicians and how access to capital will transform the medical development industry in the future.

Presented by: Kurt Rosene, senior vice president, The Alter Group and John Driscoll, president, Alter+Care