Remaking the Empire State Building, by Bloomberg News

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Release Date: May 2014
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Construction employees looking at plans

What’s new at one of the world’s most iconic buildings? Find out in an exclusive three-minute April 23 Bloomberg News video tour of the Empire State Building, where a $0.5 billion makeover that began in 2010 is retrofitting some of the structure’s original (circa-1931) equipment and transforming the Manhattan skyscraper into an energy-efficient, high-tech office hub.

Empire State Realty Trust CEO Tony Malkin takes viewers through areas rarely seen by the public, from the underground wind tunnels that help circulate fresh air throughout the building to the “bird’s nest” on the 103rd floor. See the original 1931 steam station, learn how old chillers are being retrofitted rather than replaced, and get a sneak peek at new amenities now being put in place for tenants, including a new restaurant and a 14,500-square-foot gym.