Cities-as-a-Service: What Does the On-Demand Economy Mean for Real Estate?

File Type: Conference session
Event: National Forums Symposium, May 1-3, 2018, in New York City
Release Date: May 2018
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Greg Lindsay

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Less than a decade ago, Uber, AirBnB and WeWork didn’t exist. Today, one is worth more on paper than Ford Motor, another more than Hyatt, and the third more than Boston Properties. Why? The short answer is that there’s an app for all that, but the truth is more complicated — how and where we live, how we move, and how we work are all being disrupted. The rise of coworking, co-living, ride-hailing and placemaking all point to new possibilities for networking, re-purposing, and more intensively utilizing what was previously just a house, a car, an office or a street. How we perceive cities, how we use them, and how we find each other within them has been transformed by our ability to connect, to summon services on demand, and to analyze and harness our increasingly sophisticated “data exhaust” (e.g. location data, likes, check-ins, taxi and Uber trips, and more).

In his talk, NewCities Foundation’s Greg Lindsay describes how cities‐as‐a‐service are changing how we live, work, move and more — and the new real estate, services and business model opportunities this creates.

Greg Lindsay, Senior Fellow, NewCities Foundation

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