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The U.S. Manufacturing Rebound

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Release Date: January 2010
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Lakeview South XII - Pleasant Prairie, Wisc.

Lower wages. Cheaper transportation costs. Superior quality. These are just some of the reasons U.S. manufacturers are bringing their production BACK to the United States. For decades, the offshoring of manufacturing jobs has dominated the industry, driven by Chinese factory wages that were a tenth of U.S. pay. Now we are starting to see some of those jobs come back, with well-known companies like General Electric and Caterpillar, and with some lesser-known companies like Blessing and Bigelow Components. It is just a trickle, but it is a start. In this presentation, Jack Schultz, CEO of Agracel, Inc., an industrial development company that specializes in developing projects and bringing jobs to small town America, shares with you the facts about manufacturing in the United States today, and why manufacturing is a powerful driver of economic wealth.

Presented by: Jack Schultz, CEO of Agracel, Inc.