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Intermodal Rail Network Capital Improvements Bolster East Coast's Competitiveness

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Release Date: January 2011
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train with cargo containers

After having grown used to losing market share in the nation’s container traffic to their West Coast rivals, the East Coast ports and their railroad allies anticipate the competitive balance will soon shift in their favor. In this program, Leonard Sahling outlines the various capital improvements being made in the East Coast's intermodal rail network and then addresses their real estate implications. These key issues will be discussed:

  • To what extent will the East Coast ports and their railroad allies gain market share from their West Coast rivals?
  • Which East Coast ports are likely to benefit the most from a diversion of freight traffic from the West Coast, or will all East Coast ports benefit more or less equally?
  • How will these changes impact the various U.S. markets for distribution space?

If you have warehouse space on the East or West coast, this is a program you won't want to miss.

Presented by: Leonard Sahling, First Vice President, Head of Global Research, ProLogis