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Implementing a Social Media Policy and Plan in the Real World

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Release Date: January 2010
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Since 2008, Barton Malow has been training staff to use social media sites as business tools for recruiting, corporate communications, sales and marketing. Marketing manager Dana Galvin, CPSM will share lessons learned - the good, the bad and the ugly - of launching a social media program within a firm. Find out how to:

  • Identify business uses for social media
  • Communicate those uses to your company's owners
  • Develop a strong social media policy to protect the company and its services
  • Use social media to support the goal of various departments.
  • Gain a following and go viral with messages to Fans, Followers, Tweets, Mentions, etc.

Presented by: Dana Galvin, CPSM, marketing manager, Barton Malow