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Getting a Grip on the New Retail Reality

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Event: E.CON 2014: The E-Commerce Conference
Release Date: March 2014
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In an omni-channel world, retailers are required to adapt to an alternative universe – almost like Charlton Heston in “Planet of the Apes.” While things look the same, everything about the world is turned upside down. All kidding aside, this thought process parallels the challenges many of us face in adapting to the new retail reality. We know that logistics are key, as the demand for e-commerce rises and these new shopping channels are integrated with traditional “brick and mortar” store networks. Anticipating and quantifying the different elements of that demand is difficult when we are still defining the new rules of the new reality.

  • Where does the e-commerce marketplace begin and end?
  • How do we adapt physical properties to the ever changing demands of the retail marketplace and unify them with our online presence?

This session will try to define the size and scope of the e-commerce marketplace and give insights on what that new channel means for retail supply chains and distribution centers.

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  • Rene Circ, Director of Research – Industrial, PPR/CoStar


  • Garrick Brown, Director of Research, Cassidy Turley
  • Chris Caton, Vice President, Research, Prologis
  • Maria Sicola, Executive Managing Director, Head of Americas Research, Cushman & Wakefield 

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