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E-commerce Logistics: The Role of 3PL Providers

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Event: E.CON 2014: The E-Commerce Conference
Release Date: March 2014
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Leading-edge 3PL companies provide unique insight into their e-commerce fulfillment operations, understanding and complying with global import/export regulations and requirements and managing associated expenses. From evolving supply chain strategies to critical warehouse operations elements, multi-channel order fulfillment and best practices in fulfillment facility design and location, learn how they operate and why 3PLs are significant players in the retail landscape.

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  • Jon DeCesare, President, World Class Logistics Consulting


  • David Parks, Managing Director, Trade Services, FedEx Trade Networks Inc.
  • Lonny Warner, Vice President of Operations, Technology and Logistics Services, Menlo Worldwide
  • Bruce Welty, CEO, Quiet Logistics

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