Hurricane Sandy: NAIOP Members Respond

Since Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast last weekend, many of you contacted NAIOP to express concern and inquire how you can help. Our affected chapters have been in touch with their members and are grateful for your offers of assistance.

There is an immediate need for space for the American Red Cross to host warming and feeding centers in New York City and on Long Island. Ideal facilities are 50,000 to 100,000 square feet and preferably with power; however, buildings without power may also be considered for use with portable generators.

Our NAIOP New Jersey chapter is coordinating efforts and can be contacted directly. Although their phone and Internet access is limited, they will respond as soon as possible. Their contact information:

Mike McGuinness, chief executive officer, NAIOP New Jersey
732-729-9900 (work) or 609-203-3557 (cell)

Jeff Milanaik, president, Heller Industrial Parks
908-217-4636 (cell)

If you can help the American Red Cross with their space needs, please contact Mike or Jeff immediately.