Development Magazine Spring 2013

New Voices: NAIOP Certificates Advance the Education of Real Estate Professionals

Ask a professional in any industry and they will tell you that one of the keys to a successful career is constant improvement and continuing education.

In order to give NAIOP members an advantage in a rapidly changing work environment, the NAIOP Center for Education offers industry-focused online courses and two certificate programs — the Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance and the Certificate of Advanced Study in Commercial Real Estate Development.

In 2011, the NAIOP Center for Education began offering the Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance. The course is comprised of four, 16-hour courses for completion within two years. To be awarded the certificate, participants must pass a written exam.
Whether individuals are seeking career advancement or a solid understanding of best practices in the financial area of commercial real estate, the NAIOP Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance provides a comprehensive program beneficial to anyone interested in learning more about the commercial real estate sector.

In late 2012, NAIOP awarded the very first finance certificate to Shadi Sendi, a full-time international student at George Mason University who is pursuing a master’s degree in Real Estate Development.

Sendi first learned of the certificate through NAIOP Source, the weekly e-newsletter of the association, and thought it would be a valuable investment. “During the first semester of pursuing my master’s degree, I desired to learn more about the financial aspects of real estate development and this program seemed to be the perfect fit for fulfilling that need,” noted Sendi.

As most in the industry are aware, financing is an essential part of any real estate development project. Sendi felt that the NAIOP program would provide perspective on how to secure financing under various economic conditions. Obtaining this certificate has expanded my knowledge and understanding about project financing,” said Sendi. “This is especially helpful given the current economic situation, and prepares me for where the economy may be headed in the future.”

The NAIOP Certificate of Advanced Study in Real Estate Finance is applicable to anyone in the commercial real estate industry, from CEOs to NAIOP Developing Leaders. The key to advancing any career is to continue to learn and build upon what you already know.

“I recommend this certificate to students or professionals who are interested in strengthening their knowledge about the financial aspects of real estate development,” Sendi said.

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