Development Magazine Spring 2012


Worth Repeating Spring 2012

Solutions Series Program, “Seven Tips for Winning Land Use Approval” – January 10, 2012

“Recruiting supporters for your land use project is like gardening in a hurry.” Frank Noto, president, GCA Strategies

Commenting on the Do’s and Don’ts of winning project approvals, “DO pick the low-hanging fruit; DO build on your initial base of support; DO focus on the hearing; DO talk with neighbors/stakeholders – do your homework first and get to know them. DON’T provide too much information – it can provoke added opposition; DON’T try to convert NIMBYs; DON’T make ‘em mad – keep your cool!” Frank Noto, president, GCA Strategies

Discussing how to promote a rational, unemotional behavior from land use opponents, “Select a pleasant meeting environment; use names; serve refreshments; distribute paper/pen for notetaking; use cool colors on charts and no moving graphics; use positive words like opportunity, free, special or popular.” Frank Noto, president, GCA Strategies

Solutions Series Program, “Beyond the Cube: Being Ready for Tomorrow’s Office” – December 13, 2011

“For Millenials, Gen X and Gen C, work is an interaction, not a task. This mobile workforce expects state-of-the-art technology in the building; they need iconic spaces and imagery to create emotional connectivity. The walkability feature of where an office is located is a crucial decision-making point for the younger generation.” Zach Edwards, Gensler

Discussing the space requirements of the future, “Tomorrow’s building will be flexible with double cores; floor plate reconfigurations; multiple stairs (up to four per plate); movable walls; modular HVAC and lighting; teaming spaces for collaboration; and a 4’ x 6’ space for private office workers. Desks need space only for laptops/tablets and cell phone docks.” Zach Edwards, Gensler

"Availability of Equity and Debt for Financing” Webinar – December 8, 2011

Remarking on the commercial real estate forecast for 2012, “Capital markets will return in full but underwriting will be conservative and proceeds short. The CRE markets will not settle out until 2013, with apartments snapping back first, aided by GSE lending.” Jim Morrison, John Hancock 

Solutions Series Program, “Food Distribution/Processing Trends in This Growth Market” – November 29, 2011

Discussing what the next five years has in store for new food facilities: Higher R-value (measure of thermal resistance); increased height of facilities for distributors (some as tall as 110 feet clear); creative financing solutions due to the high per square foot cost of tenant build-outs; increased adoption of automated storage and retrieval systems. Chris Cummings, national director, food advisory service, Colliers International

Commenting on the real estate opportunity in the food distribution/processing market, “Private label product growth will continue accelerating new development. Urban growth coupled with increasing demands for online purchases will force some retailers to re-evaluate distribution strategies.” Chris Cummings, national director, food advisory service, Colliers International


From the Archives: Perspectives Articles from the Previous Issue

Young people holding an award

New Voices - NAIOP’s 2011 Developing Leaders Award Winners: Adapting to a Changing Business Climate with an Optimistic Outlook 

NAIOP’s Developing Leaders Award winners have cemented a name for themselves during one of the most difficult periods the commercial real estate industry has ever seen. The recipients of NAIOP’s sixth annual award are keeping an eye toward the future in spite of an ever-changing economic landscape, using their passion for the industry and professional network to forge ahead.

Alex Klatskin

At Closing - A Chairman’s Role 

After 12 months as Chairman, Alex Klatskin’s ride came to an end. While he usually followed directions and kept his hands inside the ride at all times, occasionally there were sharp turns in the road because members asked tough, direct and insightful questions.