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First Look - Forces Changing the Supply Chain and Retail Sector 

The global consumer shift toward electronic-commerce, mobile device supported commerce, and social media supported commerce is changing how the retail and warehouse industries operate. This trend and its affect on the physical location of warehouses, distribution centers and retail stores, is detailed in the report,“The New Borderless Marketplace: Repositioning Retail and Warehouse Properties for Tomorrow.”

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Tech Takes - Is There a Cloud Over Your Computer? 

Cloud computing is not the wave of the future, it’s the present. You are probably using the cloud right now if you are using social media or have a Gmail account.

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Succession Planning: Start Early, Communicate Openly 

It’s never too early to plan an exit from a company, but if succession planning efforts are poorly handled, it could be a recipe for disaster. That is according to Al Marco, principal, Trovato Group, a national executive search and consulting firm specializing in real estate.

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New Voices - Technology’s Role Across Generations 

At the April 2012 National Forums Symposium, the Industry Trends Task Force discussed their use of personal technology devices and social media in their work and personal lives.

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New Voices - The New Face of Mentorship 

Mentoring programs are not what they used to be. Just as business networking has changed with the introduction of LinkedIn and other social media sites, traditional mentoring programs have also transformed to address the needs of the young professional joining the workforce.

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The New Investor Favorite: Mexico or Brazil? 

In the past, Mexico’s most frequent global image was that of an unsafe country, trapped in gang drug wars. Brazil was seen as an emerging country with a growing economy, and cheerful people who enjoy soccer and samba. Mexico has not successfully improved its international reputation, whereas Brazil has effectively repositioned its nation, noted Simon Anholt, British expert on country branding.

From the Archives: Business / Trends Articles from the Previous Issue

Rockefeller Group Distribution Center, Tucson, Ariz.

On Business: Leveraging the Total Cost of Distribution 

When a prospect comes to you for new distribution space, be prepared to help the company with a raft of other issues related to the space. That was the message of a recent NAIOP Webinar titled, “Logistical Leverage: Trends Affecting Supply Chain, What it Means for Industrial Real Estate.”

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New Voices - Networking 101: Tips for Getting Ahead in the Business World 

Networking seems like such a natural activity for professionals in the commercial real estate industry. We are an intelligent, politely aggressive and outgoing group of entrepreneurs. But walking into a crowded room of people and not seeing a familiar face can be intimidating even to a “Type A” extrovert. How do you overcome intimidation?