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  • Reviving the Dead: Old Malls Find Life with New Uses

    Turning a dead or dying mall into a vibrant new development that brings new life as well as a new form of gathering space to a community seems like the ultimate recycling achievement. By all accounts, however, transformation to new uses is an enormous challenge, for a variety of reasons.      

  • Beyond the Glass Tower – Can Buildings Move People?

    In the 1800s, the Western and Atlantic Railroad lines ended at a bare patch of Georgia clay nicknamed “Terminus.” As the sticks-and-dirt settlement grew into Atlanta, the name “Terminus” came to mean more than just the end of a line. Today, it marks the entrance to one of the city’s most notable districts.      

  • The Development Obstacle Race

    It is said that necessity is the mother of invention. In a development world that included stiff competition for retailers, rising construction costs, a time-consuming entitlement process and reliance on a third-party infrastructure development, developing The Shops at Wiregrass turned obstacles into creative solutions.      

  • The Life and Times of a Seattle High-rise

    In 2006, 2009 seemed like the ideal time to bring a new Class A office tower into the Seattle market. But by the time the West 8th Tower received a certificate of occupancy on September 9, 2009, the economy was in the tank, real estate values were down 20 to 40 percent, lease rates were down 30 percent and tenant improvement dollars were up by 100 percent.      

  • New Voices - Designing Spaces for Gen Y

    It’s no secret that designing functional retail and office projects for the mobile Gen Y demographic requires a thorough understanding of how this segment uses space for work and recreation.      

  • Strategically Green - Helping Small Developers Go Green

    Small property owners rejoice! There’s a new sustainable building certification program in the works geared to the small commercial property market. Earth Advantage Institute has introduced a third-party certification program for buildings between 10,000 and 70,000 square feet.      

  • Strategically Green - Lighting Retrofits Can Offer Big Energy Savings, Good Payback

    A lighting retrofit is not the lowest-cost energy strategy a commercial property owner or manager can pursue, nor will it yield the greatest energy reduction of any strategy. But when it comes to making a big dent in energy consumption at a cost that is affordable for most owners, lighting should top the list of projects to consider.      

  • Under Development – Making an Economic Engine from a Closed Military Base

    If DOD closes or realigns military bases as it did in the 1990s and 2005, the communities affected and the DOD can look to the former Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio as a model. The base is now the Port of San Antonio and serves as an example of how cooperation at all levels of government and partnerships with the private sector can turn a potential catastrophe into a vigorous economic engine.      

  • First Look – Secondary Office Markets – Where Do We Go From Here?

    Investors targeted top-tier, low-risk office assets in primary markets last year, while opportunity funds sought a once-in-a-generation prospect to acquire quality properties at deep discounts. Distressed sales disappointed the wall of waiting capital as lenders extended and modified loans on quality assets, parting only with true high-risk, low-end properties.      

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  • A Matter of Containment

    As the costs of trans-ocean shipping continue to increase and the supply chain more actively embraces sustainability, a new concept in intermodal shipping containers could represent a significant shift in how trans-ocean cargo is transported, handled and stored.      

  • On Business - Smartphones, iPads and Apps: What Do You Need Today?

    Development recently surveyed IT professionals at real estate firms, developers, brokers and real estate database producers to find out what they recommend regarding smartphones. The conclusion…it depends on your needs.      

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  • A Tale of Two Markets: Present vs. Past CMBS

    The CMBS market may not have ramped up to 2007 levels, but the contrast between this year and last year is stark: according to Standard & Poor’s, the first quarter saw nearly as much in new CMBS volume as it did in all of 2010.      

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  • At Closing: Moving Toward Industry Recovery

    Spring came when not only the trees started to bloom, but the real estate market as well. It appears the green shoots people in our industry saw a year ago have started to show some flowers in many locations. But, like the changing seasons, it happens at different times and speeds across various parts of North America.      

  • First Look – NAIOP Confidence Report Indicates Economy and Real Estate Back on Track

    In an April survey of NAIOP Forum members, the general consensus is “the future is now” or more accurately, on the horizon. The majority believe the United States economy has turned the corner and is on the road to a sustainable recovery.      

  • New Voices - What Does It Take to Lead a Chapter?

    Two of NAIOP’s Developing Leaders will be adding more responsibilities to their plates that include serving as key leaders in their respective firms and active involvement in their local NAIOP chapters. Kyle Nagy will step into the role of president of NAIOP Southern Nevada, while Brian Graham will take the helm as president of NAIOP Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky.      

  • Worth Repeating Summer 2011

    Wisdom and industry outlooks from the 2011 National Forums Symposium; Solution Series programs on the CMBS market, marketing tools and logistics; and Webinars on tenant improvement and healthcare reform.      

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