Development Magazine Spring 2011

Marketing - Leasing

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2011 Guide to Economic Development Authorities 

The economic development authorities listed in this annual guide can help you attract businesses to your area and to your developments.

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First Look - Bar Codes for Buildings 

Although initially used for tracking parts in vehicle manufacturing, QR codes are now used in a much broader context, including on commercial buildings and signage. You might have also seen them on products in shopping centers or grocery stores.

From the Archives: Marketing / Leasing Articles from the Previous Issue

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NAIOP's 2011 Buyers Guide 

Looking for an architect, engineer or contractor for your next redevelopment project? The NAIOP guide in this issue lists dozens of firms around the country.

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The New Marketing Mandate 

Point an iPhone at a building and see that building’s leasing information. Refurbish lobbies, upgrade the HVAC systems, create walking trails and wi-fi spots on an office or industrial campus. Whether they’re thinking creatively or focusing on the basics, property owners have been using these and other strategies to sign new tenants and renew existing tenants.