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  • 1200 19th Street – Creating Modern Curb Appeal

    Opportunities exist for developers to leverage prime downtown locations and create value through the redevelopment of older assets. Many of these opportunities present complex challenges that require incorporating modern design, technology and environmental strategies into structures that were built more than 30 years ago.      

  • Strategically Green - 1221 Avenue of the Americas

    LEED certification for existing buildings continues in large and small cities across the country and skyscrapers in New York City are among them. The 2.5 million square foot McGraw-Hill Building at 1221 Avenue of the Americas achieved LEED EB certification in July 2009.      

  • Strategically Green - Blowin’ in the Wind

    Innovations in wind energy continue to evolve with one of the newest being the WindCube®, a rooftop wind turbine designed specifically for commercial and industrial power users located in urban and suburban settings.      

  • Empire Merchants North – Green Design for the End User

    In the midst of last year’s construction downturn, a construction site in the small town of Coxsackie, New York, seemed oblivious. Activity was buzzing on the 21-acre parcel, the future home of a new corporate headquarters and distribution center for Empire Merchants North, an alcohol distributor.      

  • From White Elephant to Job-Attracting Industrial Park

    The last thing Hazelwood needed was for its Ford plant to shut down with the loss of 2,500 jobs. A close second was getting stuck with an antiquated factory that was great for making 20th century cars but ill equipped for today’s economy. However, the steps that the city and Panattoni Development Inc. took were transformative, serving as an example for handling shuttered auto plants and abandoned factories.      

  • Guhn Road Distribution Center – Weathering the Storm

    The State of Texas has fared far better than many of its neighbors in the current economy. Few areas of the country remained immune to the near-collapse of the financial markets and the resulting impact on commercial real estate. The occasional industrial build-to-suit surfaced sporadically in 2009, but represented more of the exception than the norm.      

  • First Look - Shopping in Church

    Adaptive re-use is the new mantra in light of the development drought, so how are retail developers stepping up? One example is Manhattan’s Episcopal Church turned nightclub which re-opened in April, reborn as the Flatiron’s own innovative shopping haven.      

  • Strategically Green - Solar’s New Look

    The idea for integrated solar roofing tiles was inked on a cocktail napkin at 30,000 feet over a decade ago. During that plane ride, a vision for seamless solar roofing was born.      

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  • Could Your Company Benefit from Outside Board Members?

    Given the size of your company and your entrepreneurial temperament, you may not want to be encumbered by an independent board of directors. But if you are an aging CEO or even a younger one with plans to someday turn over the reins of power to the next generation, the steadying hand of a board that has a healthy dose of directors from outside of the family may be what the company needs to survive and prosper.      

  • First Look - Keys to Prospering in Today’s Environment

    The real estate industry has experienced a roller coaster ride of challenges, opportunities, setbacks and unexpected surprises.      

  • New Voices - Shattering the Glass Ceiling or Fastened to the Floor?

    CREW Network, an association for advancing the success of women in commercial real estate, published a white paper focusing on whether women are continuing to move into corporate positions, what factors are impacting their progress, and what women are doing to overcome the economic downturn and increasing globalization to enhance their success.      

  • The Developing Leaders Toolbox for Leadership Success

    “Commercial real estate leader” tends to evoke an image of a seasoned industry veteran, almost certainly male and most likely Caucasian. Developing Leaders — NAIOP members age 35 and under — are taking that image and turning it upside down by stepping into prime leadership roles, proving that traditional isn’t always the answer.      

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  • CMBS Loans: Rising from the Ashes

    Even as delinquency rates continue to rise on existing CMBS loans, a new wave of commercial mortgage backed securities has begun to bring a taste of liquidity back to a parched market. But before you say, “Oh no, here we go again,” consider this: loan originators are focused on well-leased, well-located properties with seasoned sponsorship, and loan terms are stringent.      

  • Reinventing Finance

    While 2010 may not turn out to be a banner year for capital flows to commercial real estate, investors of all stripes do have a growing hunger for yield, which has led to an increasing willingness to wade back into the market. Still missing from the overall picture, though: a much-anticipated boom of dispositions/acquisitions of problem loans and distressed properties.      

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  • At Closing - Time to Step Outside the Beltway...

    It’s easier to understand the issues that impact us in our backyard, yet a national battle is brewing that will impact everyone in the commercial real estate development industry - carried interest.      

  • Worth Repeating Summer 2010

    Wisdom from the Solutions Series online briefings, “An Upside to the Real Estate Downturn: Stronger Real Estate Firms;” Trends in Tenant Construction;” and “Unblocking the Liquidity Logjam.”      

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