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Hire a Techno-Mentor to Keep Up with Sweeping Change 

A veritable tsunami of technological change is sweeping over every business including those in commercial real estate. You can keep up with that change, adjust your business accordingly and profit from it, or fall behind.

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Launching a Commercial Real Estate Career 

Melissa Goins didn’t have prior experience or a background in commercial real estate but that minor detail didn’t hold her back from an ideal opportunity to discover the industry. Goins is a member of the inaugural 2004 class of Associates in Commercial Real Estate program at Marquette University.

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Merging the Classroom With the Boardroom 

NAIOP Central Florida saw the writing on the wall: Florida needed more education devoted to commercial real estate and the Florida commercial real estate industry needed trained graduates who want to develop locally. It presented the opportunity to blend the two needs into a CRE program at the University of Central Florida with industry heavyweights and NAIOP supporting the initiative.

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First Look - Move Over ATMs, SIGAs Are Here! 

Bored with your bank? Santander Bank in Spain has added Ferrari-red robots to greet their customers.

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Could Your Company Benefit from Outside Board Members? 

Given the size of your company and your entrepreneurial temperament, you may not want to be encumbered by an independent board of directors. But if you are an aging CEO or even a younger one with plans to someday turn over the reins of power to the next generation, the steadying hand of a board that has a healthy dose of directors from outside of the family may be what the company needs to survive and prosper.

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First Look - Keys to Prospering in Today’s Environment 

The real estate industry has experienced a roller coaster ride of challenges, opportunities, setbacks and unexpected surprises.