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  • 3314 Peachtree - Distinction Amid the High-Rises

    Atlanta’s Buckhead district is a mix of high-end retail, offices and hotels, as well as a strong nightlife component. While the Buckhead skyline has filled over the last decade with high-rise projects of all types, the new branch office for Charles Schwab is notable for its unassuming size and its distinctive architectural style.      

  • Bad Site + Good Location = Win Win

    In a sputtering, job-lagging recovery, redevelopment of a brownfield site into a 24/7 environment can have an impact far beyond the the municipality’s location. This is what Advance Realty and the New Jersey town of Harrison are finding as that town’s Riverbend District is transformed into a dynamic environment for living, working and recreation.      

  • Cashman Equipment – A Case for Consolidation

    Cashman Equipment was founded in 1931 and is one of the highest-rated Caterpillar construction equipment dealers in North America. Starting as an equipment supplier for the construction of Hoover Dam, it has grown into one of the largest privately owned employers in Nevada, with over 700 employees.      

  • Developer of the Year: The Alter Group's Art of the Game

    Teamwork, loyalty, a dose of humility and the discipline to stick with the basics and get very good at them are all qualities that athletes’ coaches hammer home time and again to turn their teams into champions. Some top companies in the commercial real estate business may have taken a page from this playbook as well.      

  • Strategically Green - Developing a Retrofit Strategy: Making Sense of It All

    When developing a retrofit strategy, owners typically evaluate building condition and design, market conditions, and investment goals for the asset. When considering a sustainable renovation, it is important that the decision-makers define their retrofit goals in order to prioritize the type of green upgrades to pursue.      

  • Distribution Center I – Sustainability Without Limits

    Some developers look at a project and ask “How can I get the highest value out of this land?” They consider building green, but then recognize the costs involved and push the idea aside. While it may be hard to commit to spending more, when you consider an industrial building has a lifespan of several decades, decisions made now will follow you for a long time.      

  • Going for the Platinum — BASF’s New Headquarters

    BASF Corporation and Rockefeller Group Development Corporation(RGDC) have signed a long-term lease for BASF to occupy a new 325,000-square-foot office building RGDC will develop at The Green at Florham Park, New Jersey.      

  • First Look - Solar Parking Lots

    Building owners have another option for reducing their utility bills while also providing shade for their tenants’ cars - solar parking arrays.      

  • First Look - The Floating Office

    Who says that your office has to be on land? In today’s age of mobility, work is portable and you can forego a conventional office and work on the water, literally!      

  • Trends in Tenant Construction

    This article discusses new trends in tenant construction.      

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  • Hire a Techno-Mentor to Keep Up with Sweeping Change

    A veritable tsunami of technological change is sweeping over every business including those in commercial real estate. You can keep up with that change, adjust your business accordingly and profit from it, or fall behind.      

  • Launching a Commercial Real Estate Career

    Melissa Goins didn’t have prior experience or a background in commercial real estate but that minor detail didn’t hold her back from an ideal opportunity to discover the industry. Goins is a member of the inaugural 2004 class of Associates in Commercial Real Estate program at Marquette University.      

  • Merging the Classroom With the Boardroom

    NAIOP Central Florida saw the writing on the wall: Florida needed more education devoted to commercial real estate and the Florida commercial real estate industry needed trained graduates who want to develop locally. It presented the opportunity to blend the two needs into a CRE program at the University of Central Florida with industry heavyweights and NAIOP supporting the initiative.      

  • First Look - Move Over ATMs, SIGAs Are Here!

    Bored with your bank? Santander Bank in Spain has added Ferrari-red robots to greet their customers.      

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  • Avoiding Hard Money Loan Scams

    Industry experts weigh in on avoiding hard money loan scams and steps you can take to discern credible lenders from crooks.      

  • Strategically Green - Balancing Green With Financial Results

    Building owners and tenants are reminded of the high cost of energy every time they open their monthly utility bills. Energy costs are the largest operating expense for most commercial properties, accounting for 25-30 percent of a typical building’s annual operating budget.      

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  • At Closing - Getting Back to the Basics…

    During this economic downturn, many people talk of “getting back to the basics”, like minding the rent roll and focusing on our tenants. While we may not have lost focus on our tenants during the overheated days of cap rate compression and increasing property values, Larry Pobuda understands the concept of “getting back to the basics.”      

  • Worth Repeating Fall 2010

    Wisdom from Icon Online’s presentations; Solution Series programs on investment and transforming your service lines; and Webinars on the 12 strategies to prosper in the future and public/private partnerships.      

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