Powerful Marketing Technology Tools You Need to Know About

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Release Date: January 2011
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Example of a portfolio app on an iPad

Find out what recent innovations in marketing tools are available to you, and how they are being used to promote and position property assets in today's competitive market. Rob McLeod's visionary project studies include:

  • Online leasing tool and iPad application for Equity Office's Boston portfolio;
  • Music video-style marketing film to promote available retail space in Manhattan;
  • Sophisticated iPad magazine applications to showcase firm portfolios;
  • Experiential marketing center design; and
  • Immersive virtual design-build of tenant fit-outs.

Understand the power of these new tools and applications, and in which scenarios they are most successful at increasing leasing velocity and attracting tenants.

Presented by: Robert MacLeod, President and Founding Partner, Neoscape